Making the Most of Your Boudoir Session

Hello beautiful! I hope you are getting excited for your upcoming boudoir session with Laced Boudoir. I have included some helpful tips for you to read to help you make the most out of this life changing experience. Enjoy!


Things to do before your session:


1.) Make sure to drink plenty of water and refrain from salty foods & alcohol the day before your session. This is a known cause for bloating & fatigue. It will also help with skin texture!


2.) You want to try and schedule your session the week after your period if you can. This also causes bloating and really just doesn't help you feel very "sexy".


3.) Please get your nails & toes freshened up before your shoot. If you don't get acrylic nails, that's fine... just be sure your real nails are filed and polished!


4.) If you get your hair colored, please make an appointment one week (or close to it) before your shoot. If you aren't feeling confident in yourself, it will show thru in the photos.


5.) Please cut the tags out of your outfits (carefully). This will allow more shooting time and help things go super smooth!


6.) Make sure to try on your outfits and bring plenty! We can sort thru them when you come and decide which three will work best for you.


7.) If you want to appear more "tan" in your photos, I can recommend someone who does spray tans at an awesome price! I do not recommend going to the tanning bed.


Things to do day of:


1.) Shave

2.) Wear lose fitting clothes that are less likely to leave impression lines on your skin. T-shirt dresses are a great option!


3.) If you have a lip color that is your favorite, you can bring it for touch-ups throughout the session.


4.) Relax & take a deep breath. I am in no way shape or form here to make fun of you, belittle you or degrade you. I am simply here to make you look and feel your absolute best!


This is an investment for YOU! Don't skip the small will have these beautiful images forever and you want to look and feel your best!