A little about Lacey 

Who’s Lacey?

I’m a passionate, hard working small business owner and mama to two beautiful and amazing daughters. I have a "stop at nothing" mindset and I go hard for my clients! I have a strong southern draw, but I was raised right here in Panama City & it’s been home for 30 years. I am in love with my life after overcoming ten years of drug addiction, I have been sober over 5 years now!

What is my style?

        I'm a natural light photographer who works on location in Panama City, Panama City Beach and beyond.  I love to           work with bright and airy photos but I also deliver a style that is dark and moody.  I can tailor to your needs and                 wants, I have hundreds of galleries available upon request so we can find the perfect style and location for you. I                specialize in family portraits, boudoir, weddings and can put together any shoot you can dream of.

How long have I been doing this?

I've toyed around with photos and editing since the age of 14, never really took it too seriously until October of 2016 after I had my second daughter. Something just "clicked" -wink wink- In school my favorite class was Digital Design and my binder was always full of a variety of “doodles” and photo related things. I was given a film camera in 2011, you know when you had to actually WAIT to see the photo you took (WUT?!)....and even with the wait it was instant love. I think I just can't get enough of seeing the joy that a simple photo can bring them, and I will never get enough of it! I'll be clickin' til the end of my days 100%...

What do you mean to me?

From the time you message me to the time your photos are delivered and even beyond that, you will be treated like family. My clients are everything to me and it shows thru my work, you’ll see. I do not cut corners, I have a unique editing technique, I keep my gear updated and I am constantly educating myself to continue creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind portraits.

Most of my clients are repeat customers and we chat on a regular basis, I’m just awesome like that :)


Are you ready to hire me?

I hope your answer is YESSSSS! If it is, I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with you and create some beautiful magic with you!

My clients are always telling me how easy I am to work with, how comfortable they are with me and are always “awe struck” by the images, make yourself a client, you deserve the best!

...talk to you soon!

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